Retreats / Events

There are several programs and offerings that may be of interest, which will allow you to experience the extraordinary beauty and peacefulness of the Mountain Seas valley and vision.  Imagine being bathed in the beauty of Nature, then finding an artistic expression for the experience.  Painting, ceramics, photography or sketching; all mediums are available at the Art Centre on the property. 

As an individual or a couple, you can come stay at The Studio, in a self-contained unit, by making a reservation through Lila (see contact page).  We can design a special retreat program for you personally, that includes yoga, meditation, time in Nature, and support with any special needs diets.

We offer Yoga and Art Retreats, as well as group focus.

The retreats take place at the Art Centre, as well as the yurt, for yoga or meetings. Accommadation can be provided on site at the Mountain Seas Retreat, or at The Studio near the Art Centre.

Mountain Seas Retreat offers all the amenities, including a large hot tub, yoga classes at the yurt, gym equipment and access to one of the most pristine areas on earth!


Mountain Seas Yurt 2