Who and Where?

Dtll For Web2 Mountain Seas, Flinders Island, Tasmania, Australia

David and Lila Sophia Tresemer are residents of Boulder, Colorado, as well as Flinders Island, Tasmania, Australia.  They are co-founders of The StarHouse in Boulder (www.TheStarHouse.org) which is a trans-denominational temple located in the foothills of Boulder.  For the past twenty years, they served as primary stewards of this property which features organic gardens, ongoing community events, and various trainings and workshops which all contribute to the dynamic culture of Boulder.

In 1997, they came to visit Robert and Joanna Lawlor, the previous owners of the land on Flinders Island. Both David and Lila fell in love with the property on that first visit. It was a case of love at first sight and one that continues to this day! The property has grown and developed in many ways in the last decade, with the building of the 8-bedroom eco-resort; the yurt, which serves as a place for yoga, movement and group work; 2 large greenhouses which are growing much organic food under the management of Helen Cassidy; several other growing spaces with fruit and vegetables; a fully equipped Art Centre with ceramic wheels and a kiln.

David and Lila are both authors, and have developed a collection of books and dvd’s which can be seen on their website, www.IlluminatedRelationships.com.  They have produced a trilogy of theatre productions, written and published articles for Well Being Magazine in Australia, and currently have their books and DVDs distributed through Brumby Books-and-Music throughout Australia.

Lila is a certified yoga instructor, and a certified mediator with “Mediators Beyond Borders”; she loves raising her chooks, growing food, and staying healthy and inspired on Flinders Island.  She continues to work with women internationally, and primarily at the StarHouse in Boulder, where she is the Co-Founder of The Path of the Ceremonial Arts. Her most recent work is a novel called Don’t Go Back to Sleep which brings to light much of what Lila is passionate about: the place of ceremony and ritual in dealing with the issues of GMO’s and pesticides that are destroying the soils of the earth; and how each of us can make a difference through consciously working with the Divine Feminine presence through the web of life.

David has a Ph.D. from Harvard in Psychology. Author of 6 books, he is interested in how the heavens and the earth interweave with humans in the middle. To write something specialized such as his recent The Venus Eclipse of the Sun 2012, he has to balance with a great deal of time in Nature.

Together they have written One-Two-ONE: A Guidebook to Conscious Partnerships, Weddings, and Rededication Ceremonies - about how to improve relationships as preparation for a wedding and a marriage, appropriate for anyone in relationship. This also can be found at www.David-Lila.com


How to get to Mountain Seas Retreat


Sharp Airlines

Sharp Airlines is a regional airline with operations stretching across three states in the south eastern area of Australia. Headquartered in Hamilton, Victoria Sharp Airlines has a strong presence within the regional airline industry and is ideally placed to serve the south. In Tasmania Sharp Airlines provides the only regular airline service between Launceston to Flinders Island and Essendon (Melbourne) to Flinders Island which continues to grow with passenger numbers every week. Guided by best international practice informed with local knowledge, Sharp Airlines offer a diverse range of aviation products, including scheduled commercial airline services as well as charter services.

For flight schedules please visit the Sharp Airlines website.


Phone: 1300 55 66 94


Kirkhope Aviation

Kirkhope Aviation operates an air charter service from Moorabbin. Luxury twin engine aircraft for an Elite Air Charter in aircraft ranging from 6 to 10 passengers. Arrange your own group and Kirkhope aviation can bring you to Flinders Island in around 1 hour. Flights can also be arranged as a tour through to Mona  and King Island amongst others.


Phone: 1300 20 61 30


Furneaux Freight

Furneaux Freight Pty Ltd is a shipping company based in Bridport, Tasmania. Furneaux Freight Pty Ltd services the Furneaux Group of Islands, including Lady Barron, Cape Barren and an on demand service to King Island and Port Welshpool. Bridport is considered to be the most favourable port to conduct the operations of the shipping service as it is the closest geographical proximity to Flinders Island. A weekly service between Bridport, Tasmania and Lady Barron, Flinders Island is provided for general cargo and an on demand service for livestock and all other cargo. Furneaux Freight Pty Ltd has the ability to carry up to twelve passengers on their ro ro vessels, but be advised that the vessels operated by the company are freight vessels with the ability to carry passengers, break bulk and containerised cargo, including explosives, bulk fuel, livestock, wheeled cargo and motor vehicles. Day accommodation only is offered to the passengers and it is a self catering service.

Furneaux Freight Pty Ltd has a weekly service which departs Bridport on Mondays, sailing on the tide. This service arrives at Lady Barron, Flinders Island approximately 8 hours after departing from Bridport. The return service departs Lady Barron approximately 9 hours after arrival, therefore arriving at Bridport on the high tide.

Phone: 03 63 561 753